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The 6 week FTP builder course for cycling is designed to improve your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) by increasing your overall power output. This training plan involves 6 hours of training per week, which includes a combination of interval training, endurance rides, and recovery days.


Week 1: The focus of week 1 is to establish a baseline FTP by performing a 20-minute FTP test. After the test, there will be a mix of endurance rides and recovery days to help prepare you for the upcoming interval training.


Week 2-4: The main focus of these weeks will be on interval training. These intervals will increase in intensity and duration over the three weeks. There will be 2-3 interval sessions per week, with endurance and recovery days in between to prevent fatigue and ensure proper recovery.


Week 5-6: The final two weeks of the training plan will focus on maintaining the gains you’ve made and preparing for another FTP test. The intensity of the training will decrease slightly to allow for recovery and adaptation to the previous weeks of training.

Throughout the training plan, each workout will share the purpose of the workout and links to research as to why these workouts are chosen.


The goal of the 6 week FTP builder course is to help you increase your FTP and improve your overall cycling performance.

6 Week FTP Improver Plan (Delivery Via Training Peaks)

£99.99 Regular Price
£49.99Sale Price
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